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October 29, 2018
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Nothing acts or looks quite like a real tooth. However, a dental implant comes so close that patients say they cannot differentiate between their real teeth and their implants. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? if you're missing one or more teeth, dental implants could be the replacement option for you. Read below to learn more about this treatment, and if you are interested in undergoing it, contact your dentists at SC Dental Group in Sherman Oaks, CA and serving Encino, Dr. Michael Amir, and Dr. Larry Hamer.

The anatomy of a dental implant

A dental implant has three basic parts: a titanium screw or cylinder which is surgically placed into the jaw, a metal extension post, and a porcelain crown. Because the implant resides in the jaw and functions as a tooth root, it actually improves the integrity of the bone and preserves the surrounding gum tissue. Multiple implants support multi-tooth bridges or full dentures, too.

Who can receive dental implants?

Your Encino dentist will tell you if you qualify. Dr. Amir or Dr. Hamer will examine your teeth and gums and visualize your bone structure with digital X-rays and other kinds of imaging. If you have enough bone in your jaw and are in good systemic health, you can receive dental implants. If the bone is weak, there are augmentation treatments which can strengthen it beforehand.

The treatment itself is simple. The dentist inserts the implant device right into the bone during a brief in-office surgery. He closes the site and allows it to heal before completing the new tooth with the post and custom-made crown.

The key to dental implant success

Osseointegration drives the whole implant process. What is osseointegration? It's the bond which forms between the jaw bone and the titanium metal device. In response to implant placement, the bone actually grows right around the screw.

While this takes many weeks to accomplish, it practically guarantees implant success, retention, and longevity. In fact, because of osseointegration, the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness states that about 95 percent of dental implants remain healthy and in place for many decades.

Also important to implant success is sufficient healing time and clean implant sites. In other words, osseointegration cannot be rushed. Your Encino dentist will tell you when your implant is ready to bear the substantial forces of biting and chewing. Regarding oral hygiene, diligent twice daily brushing and once daily flossing will remove the harmful plaque and its bacteria. Semi-annual cleanings and examinations at SC Dental Group will also verify all is well with your new artificial tooth.

Find out more

If you are missing one or more teeth, you owe it to yourself to explore dental implants. Dr. Amir or Dr. Hamer can use these amazing devices to anchor dentures or bridgework so people with extensive tooth loss can possess attractive and functional smiles once again. Contact SC Dental for your personal consultation: (818) 905-5400.