Are you dealing with tooth loss? Find out how dental implants could implants

Gaps between teeth can be embarrassing; fortunately, this isn’t something you have to live with. Our Sherman Oaks dentists, Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hamer, make it possible for everyone to restore missing teeth with a variety of options. If you are looking for a restoration that will truly look and function like a real tooth then it’s time you talked to us about getting dental implants.

Whether you are missing just one tooth or a whole row of teeth, dental implants could provide you with the replacement you’ve been looking for. Dental implants mimic the look and function of a real tooth, so no one will even be able to tell which tooth is real and which one is artificial. Plus, dental implants offer a host of amazing benefits for our Sherman Oaks patients including:

  • A restoration that is made from durable titanium
  • A restoration that can be brushed, flossed and cared for like a real tooth (it doesn’t require special care)
  • Restored speech and chewing (you can enjoy eating all of your favorite foods again without concern)
  • Renewed confidence in your smile and your appearance
  • A jawbone that is stimulated by the implant and won’t deteriorate
  • A restoration that protects not only the health of your jawbone but also prevents premature aging due to changes to the structure of your face, which happens if tooth loss goes untreated

If you maintain healthy teeth and gums, your jawbone is strong enough to support an implant and you are dedicated to caring for your implant then you too could be an ideal candidate for getting this long-term restoration.

Of course, it will take several months and sometimes up to a year or more to get your full dental implant. During your consultation, we will talk to you more in depth about the dental implant process and what it will take to get these restorations so you can decide if it’s truly right for you.

Dental implants can be an amazing option for any healthy individual looking to replace their missing teeth. If you are ready to find out if you are an ideal candidate then call SC Dental Group in Sherman Oaks, CA, today to learn more.