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February 12, 2021
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When you have missing teeth it's hard to make a great first impression. That's why a dental bridge is one of the best ways to correct this issue. Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hammer with SC Dental Group can help you determine if a dental bridge is right for you. If you live in Sherman Oaks, CA, and need a dentist to repair your missing teeth, our dentists are ready to assist. Read to learn more about dental bridges.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dentists use a dental bridge to fill in the gaps between your teeth. It consists of dental crowns, also known as artificial teeth. They're installed using special permanent cement. The abutment teeth positioned on either side of the gap hold the dental bridge in place.

What Happens When You Have Missing Teeth?

When you have missing teeth, your other teeth may shift inside your mouth. This can lead to a variety of dental issues. Over time, you may experience:

  • problems with your bite
  • difficulty pronouncing words
  • difficulty with chewing
  • embarrassment about your missing teeth
  • pain because of additional stress on your teeth or jaw

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

If you practice good oral hygiene, your dental bridge can last for many years. Regular checkups and teeth cleanings at your dentist's office help to keep your dental bridge in excellent condition. In some cases, your dental bridge can last for more than ten years. A Sherman Oaks, CA, dentist can help you learn what you can do to ensure your dental bridge lasts for a long time.

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Do you have missing teeth? Consult with a Sherman Oaks, CA, dentist to determine if dental bridges are right for you. Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hammer at SC Dental Group provide a wide range of dentistry services that will help you rejuvenate your smile. Schedule your appointment by giving them a call at (818) 905-5400.