By SC Dental Group
January 04, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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An attractive, bright smile gets noticed. Unfortunately, so do stained, dull teeth. To keep your most important personal asset shining and white, look into professional teeth whitening from SC Dental Group in Encino, CA. Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hamer offer an impressive menu of cosmetic dentistry services, including reclamation of your natural and beautiful tooth color with in-office and at-home whitening.


The story behind dental stains

As time passes, tooth enamel thins, darkens, and dulls, due to basic wear and tear. However, other factors play significant roles in dental stains, namely:

  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Darkly pigmented beverages such as coffee, tea, and cola
  • Darkly pigmented foods such as blueberries and curry dishes
  • Tobacco usage (both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco)
  • Prescription medications (some antihistamines and blood pressure pills as examples)

Your tooth enamel actually catches and holds staining organic matter. Over time, stains form and become harder and harder to remove. While over-the-counter toothpastes, whitening strips, and rinses help to an extent, their effectiveness is often less than satisfactory and their safety...questionable.

Professional teeth whitening—the better option
At SC Dental Group's Encino office, Dr. Amir, Dr. Hamer, and their team deliver outstanding tooth color and sheen through professional whitening services. Preceded by a complete oral examination to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for this cosmetic treatment, whitening is offered either as a one-hour service or an at-home process. Both use powerful hydrogen peroxide gel applied directly to tooth surfaces to power out stains effectively without damaging enamel or irritating sensitive gums and other soft tissues.
Here are the benefits of teeth whitening at SC Dental Group:

  1. Safe: All processes are professionally prepared and supervised.
  2. Effective: Your teeth will brighten by up to eight full shades!
  3. Efficient: Whether applied in-office or at-home with customized trays, your whitening gel will go exactly where it's needed.
  4. Long lasting: When you brush twice a day, floss daily, get routine exams and cleanings at SC Dental and avoid staining foods and tobacco, you'll sport a white smile indefinitely.
  5. Cost-effective The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says teeth whitening is very popular because it works, and it's affordable. Often, the team at SC Dental Group offer it as part of a comprehensive cosmetic treatment plan.


Ready for a new look?
Get your best smile ever more easily than you could have imagined. Explore professional teeth whitening at SC Dental Group. Call the office at (818) 905-5400 to speak to a team member regarding a one-on-one cosmetic dentistry consultation or simply to learn more about professional whitening. We look forward to helping you meet your smile goals!