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August 06, 2020
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You have heard of dental implants, but are you convinced they could help your smile? At SC Dental Group in Sherman Oaks, CA, Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hamer offer dental implants as the premier tooth replacement choice. While nothing looks, feels, and acts as a natural tooth does, dental implants come really close to the real thing.

The specifics on dental implants

The dental implant resembles a threaded metal screw. Made of titanium, this device goes right into your jaw bone at the extraction site. Over time, the jawbone wraps around the implant through osseointegration, thereby strengthening the supporting bone.

This feature is specific to dental implants and not conventional partials or bridgework. Once healed, the implant accepts a post and porcelain crown.

Also, if you have lost a number of teeth, your dentist can place multiple devices in your jaw to support bridgework or full dentures. As such, you get back much of the chewing power, youthful facial contours and self-confidence you had with a full complement of natural teeth.

If you're interested, see your friends at SC Dental Group for an in-depth exam and implant consultation. If all is well, you'll understand the details of your implant procedure before it begins.

After placement, your jaw and incision sites will heal. Osseointegration will happen, and when you return to the office, the dentist will attach the extension post and crown or larger appliance as your care plan outlines.

That's it. You're free to enjoy your beautiful new teeth. At home, brush twice daily, floss every day and if possible, stop smoking to keep your implant sites healthy and strong. Avoid hard foods and clenching your teeth, and frankly, you should have your implants for decades, maintains the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness (IDIA).

Five reasons to consider dental implants

To sum up, you should think carefully about dental implants because:

  1. They restore your oral function, jaw bone, gum tissue and facial features to their pre-extraction size, shape and youthfulness.
  2. Dental implants have an unlimited lifespan and rarely fail or require replacing.
  3. You care for them just as you do natural teeth--no soaking, no adhesives.
  4. Most healthy people qualify for them. You need a strong jaw bone, but if it's thin, your dentist can build it up with grafting materials.
  5. Implants work because of osseointegration, the bonding process between the implant and bone. It makes an implant device a true tooth root.

Find out more

At SC Dental Group in Sherman Oaks, CA, we want you to have a wonderful smile that lasts. Contact Dr. Amir or Dr. Hamer for a detailed discussion on dental implants and your oral health needs: (818) 905-5400.