By SC Dental Group
November 22, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: veneers  

Achieving the smile of your dreams is easier now than ever. Your dentist can offer several cosmetic dentistry options for you to restore your smile or achieve the smile you have always dreamed of. One of the easiest ways to restore your teeth is with veneers in Sherman Oaks, CA; Encino, CA. Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hamer of SC Dental Group can help. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting restoration process. 

What Is Dental Restoration?

Dental restoration is any dental procedure used to restore cosmetic quality to your teeth. These types of procedures are not necessarily involved with restoring the health of teeth but are rather focused on making already healthy teeth look their best. Veneers in Sherman Oaks, CA; Encino, CA are a great way to accomplish this. 

This type of procedure involves the application of thin ceramic shells to the visible part of teeth. This shell can be used to improve the color, shape, and even size of the teeth. When teeth are discolored, misshapen, or sized differently, it can make it difficult to achieve a uniform, attractive smile. This process will help you bring uniform size, shape, and color to all of your teeth. 

How Is This Process Done?

The first step will be to clean the teeth thoroughly and to examine the teeth for overall health. It is important that the teeth are not severely damaged. Next, the surface of the teeth will be filed so that the shell will adhere more evenly and more thoroughly to the surface. Once the shell has been placed, the dentist will shape the shell to the exact shape and size you desire. 

How To Care For Teeth 

Once you have undergone this process, it is important that you care for your teeth properly. You should not bite or chew on anything hard as the ceramic used to create the shell can break. You should brush and floss your teeth regularly to keep teeth healthy and clean. 

If you would like to learn more about veneers in Sherman Oaks, CA; Encino, CA, please contact Dr. Amir and Dr. Hamer at SC Dental Group by calling 818-905-5400.