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By SC Dental Group
April 10, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Even slight damage to a tooth can increase the risk that it will fracture in the future. Fortunately, the problem can be avoided simply by dental crownsadding a dental crown. Our Sherman Oaks, CA, dentists Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hamer of SC Dental Group explain how crowns protect and strengthen your teeth.

What are crowns?

A crown is a porcelain, ceramic, or resin restoration that resembles a rootless tooth. Thanks to their hollow design, crowns easily fit over teeth, adding much-needed stability. Before you receive a crown, your tooth must be reduced in size slightly to ensure that your restoration will fit correctly and comfortably. Once your tooth has been reduced, we'll make an impression of your tooth, which will be used to create your crown in a dental laboratory.

You'll leave our Sherman Oaks office with a temporary crown and visit us again in about two weeks when your permanent crown is ready. Permanent crowns are attached with dental cement after we make a few adjustments to the fit if needed.

How do crowns protect teeth?

Fragile teeth are more likely to crack or break at the most inopportune moments. If the fracture is severe or extends into the root, your tooth may be so damaged that it's not possible to save it. Fortunately, adding a crown protects fragile and damaged teeth. Every time, you take a bite, chewing forces are absorbed by the crown, not your tooth. We may recommend crowns if a tooth is brittle or cracked, or your tooth has been weakened by a dental treatment, such as a large filling or root canal therapy.

Crowns also improve the function and appearance of teeth that have fractured. Broken teeth aren't very attractive, can cut your mouth and make chewing a challenge. Crowns restore the normal width and height of your tooth and help you feel more confident about your smile.

Crowns are also used to alter the appearance of unattractive teeth. Whether a tooth is twisted, crooked, pointed, bumpy or too short, adding a crown dramatically improves your smile.

Can dental crowns help your smile? Call our Sherman Oaks, CA, dentists, Dr. Amir and Dr. Hamer of SC Dental Group, at (818) 905-5400 to schedule your appointment.

By SC Dental Group
December 19, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Tooth loss dramatically changes your appearance, but it doesn't have to permanently alter your smile. Dental implants offer a long-lasting dental implantsway to replace missing teeth. Our Sherman Oaks, CA, dentists, Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hamer of SC Dental Group, explain how your smile can be restored with implants.

Dental implants replace tooth roots

Thanks to innovative dental technology, it's possible to restore your missing tooth, starting with the root. A small titanium post placed in your jaw during a minor surgical procedure serves as a replacement root. It's attached to a dental crown, a lifelike artificial tooth that will enhance your appearance and making chewing a simple process once again.

Bonding is the key to the success of dental implants

During a process called osseointegration, your new implant bonds to your jawbone. Osseointegration is the most crucial step in the entire process. Without it, your implant would wiggle and slip every time you took a bite of food. After you receive your implant, it will remain safely concealed under your gum for about three to six months while it heals and bonds to the bone. Once bonding occurs, an abutment will be attached to the top of the crown in our Sherman Oaks office. The abutment, which looks like a small screw, connects the crown to the dental implant.

Dental implants offer exceptional comfort and versatility

Unlike other restoration options, dental implants actually feel like natural teeth. Because your crown is firmly attached to the top of the dental implant, your restoration won't irritate your gums or feel awkward or uncomfortable. Implants are an excellent option, whether you've lost one, five or all of your teeth.

Implants help prevent bone loss

Tooth loss causes changes above and below your gums. A strong jawbone is necessary to support your teeth, but bone loss may occur after you lose a tooth. Without constant pressure from tooth roots, the jawbone may begin to shrink. Unfortunately, if the bone shrinks substantially, it might not be able to support your other teeth. As a result, they may loosen and even fall out. Implants ensure that the bone continues to receive the stimulation it needs and prevents this unpleasant consequence.

Do dental implants sound like a good solution for you? Call Sherman Oaks, CA, dentists, Dr. Amir and Dr. Hamer of SC Dental Group, at (818) 905-5400 to schedule an appointment.

Are you dealing with tooth loss? Find out how dental implants could implants

Gaps between teeth can be embarrassing; fortunately, this isn’t something you have to live with. Our Sherman Oaks dentists, Dr. Michael Amir and Dr. Larry Hamer, make it possible for everyone to restore missing teeth with a variety of options. If you are looking for a restoration that will truly look and function like a real tooth then it’s time you talked to us about getting dental implants.

Whether you are missing just one tooth or a whole row of teeth, dental implants could provide you with the replacement you’ve been looking for. Dental implants mimic the look and function of a real tooth, so no one will even be able to tell which tooth is real and which one is artificial. Plus, dental implants offer a host of amazing benefits for our Sherman Oaks patients including:

  • A restoration that is made from durable titanium
  • A restoration that can be brushed, flossed and cared for like a real tooth (it doesn’t require special care)
  • Restored speech and chewing (you can enjoy eating all of your favorite foods again without concern)
  • Renewed confidence in your smile and your appearance
  • A jawbone that is stimulated by the implant and won’t deteriorate
  • A restoration that protects not only the health of your jawbone but also prevents premature aging due to changes to the structure of your face, which happens if tooth loss goes untreated

If you maintain healthy teeth and gums, your jawbone is strong enough to support an implant and you are dedicated to caring for your implant then you too could be an ideal candidate for getting this long-term restoration.

Of course, it will take several months and sometimes up to a year or more to get your full dental implant. During your consultation, we will talk to you more in depth about the dental implant process and what it will take to get these restorations so you can decide if it’s truly right for you.

Dental implants can be an amazing option for any healthy individual looking to replace their missing teeth. If you are ready to find out if you are an ideal candidate then call SC Dental Group in Sherman Oaks, CA, today to learn more.