These nearly undetectable restorations come courtesy of a cutting-edge technology called CAD-CAM: Computer-Aided Design – Computer-Aided Manufacturing. We’ve relied on CAD-CAM restorations since September 2005, and I’m not sure who’s been more pleased with the results: me or the clients who have received them!

These restorations are 100% ceramic yet reported to be as strong as gold with an equally good fit at the margins. They let us create ideal conditions in the mouth: no metals at all. No metals in the mouth means no adverse oral batteries or galvanic currents can be created by the restorations.

Conventional, industrial dentists, of course, continue to restore teeth with metals such as the toxic mercury used in amalgam fillings. In fact, mercury fillings have been the norm for more than 150 years and are still made in much the same way as they were 150 years ago. You would think that more dentists would update their technology, especially when non-toxic alternatives are available – alternatives that are just as durable and strong, and far more aesthetic.